Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Home

When choosing the right fiber for your home there are naturally several options available and various types of fabric to take into consideration. In this blog post we will be looking to share with you some basic information about the most popular fabrics available. You’ll be able to make a more informed decision on what type of fabric will best suit your home. So without further ado, let’s talk about types of fabrics.


This is a type of fabric that can be easily used in any room in your home or even for your office. Olefin is a combination of fibers that many consumers use because of its nice texture, look and feel. An excellent choice for your kitchen chairs or even for your dining room. When going with blended olefin, it’s good to make sure that at least 70-80% of it is pure olefin and the rest is made out of the other fibers it is blended with.


While this type of fiber isn’t naturally stain repellent similar to olefin, this is still a good choice for several of your needs. Being a synthetic fiber you’ll need to have it effectively treated with a solvent based stain repellent to be up to par. However, it has the great advantage of being easy to maintain and clean, so it’s a popular option for homeowners.

One downside is nylon doesn’t enjoy direct sunlight, so it can fade if exposed to it for long periods of time, so consider applying it somewhere where sunlight doesn’t hit it directly.


Another well known synthetic fiber, this will have some limitations when compared to the previous 2 fabrics we have covered so far. Just like with nylon, you’ll have to apply a stain repellent when you purchase it, but stains won’t come off as easy as with the other two. To thoroughly clean it, you’ll need shampoo or steam cleaning solutions to get the job done. You can use this fabric in bedrooms and even in the living room as it does have a softer friendlier look to olefin and nylon. It will also not be affected by direct sunlight as much, so that’s a definite plus, as polyester is generally more resistant, so it will last you longer.


This type of fabric will usually work best in a blend and not on its own. Once again, you need to make sure you use a solvent stain repellent to fully protect it, as it can perform poorly for soil and stain release. Acrylics also do well in sunlight, and can withstand more wear than other types of fabric. This is exactly why they work so well in a blend most of the time. You shouldn’t personally try to clean this fabric however, as it can be easily ruined, so if you choose to go with acrylics, you’ll be wise to seek professional cleaning services when needed.

These are the 4 most popular fabrics you can use in your home right now. Hopefully you can use this information to decide which combinations will work best for you. Good luck with your project!

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