During Yule, you should decorate your entrance to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. For instance, you can make use of a console table that infuses a sense of festivity and adds cheer to the entrance of your home. And do not forget about the customary twinkling lights. Add cinnamon scented candles housed in eye-catching lanterns, such as bronze lanterns, and you create a warm and inviting entrance. You can use twinkling lights to light up your entrance’s décor.  Maybe enlist the help of Christmas Decorators to add that professional touch.

Mood Lighting

However, if you do not have a string of twinkling lights to use, you can alternatively use tea lights that are battery operated. Just place the tea lights in a mixture of clear or coloured glass jars to create the perfect Christmas mood. With regard to flowers, if you do not have access to a supply of fresh flowers for the entire festive season such as a garden, you can use realistic faux flowers instead of fresh bloom. Using faux flowers will ensure that your floral arrangement stays intact all through the holiday period.

Furthermore, you can add foliage to the hallway to infuse mother nature into your entryway. The doorframes and the banisters are perfect spots to place the foliage. As for the foliage to use, eucalyptus, pine, and aromatic evergreens are perfect choices as they infuse delightful aromas that relax your guest into a festive mood. The foliage from these evergreen plants continuously release aromatic scents, making them the perfect foliage for high traffic areas such as your entryway. Additionally, you can make a wreath from herbs to add natural fragrance to your house.

Dress Up Your Table

The next bit is to dress up your table for the occasion. Much like your guests have taken the time to dress up for your gathering, you should also take time to dress the table where you will all gather. To this end, give your table a striking backdrop by using foliage such as evergreens, willow, pinecones, and even small birch logs as part of the centerpiece. Alternatively, you can use large glass vases holding berries, and or flowers/foliage along with beautiful tapered candles for the blend of drama and festive spirit.

Another way to dress your table is to find a terrarium and fill it with foliage and baubles to create a one of a kind centrepiece. After all, it is Christmas and the perfect excuse to go all out on accessories and decorations.

Festive Drinks

Festive drinks are perfect for a Christmas party and they are an instant win. As such, instead of the typical wine, serve homemade vodka cocktails and spiced apple cider. In the case of vodka cocktails, you can use this recipe:

Mix 100 grams of caster sugar in 100 milliliters of water. Heat and let it simmer for 4 minutes. Allow the syrup to cool and then add sliced oranges and orange zest. Let the mixture sit and infuse for a period of 24 hours. Strain this mixture and add flavoured vodka for the perfect festive cocktail. For the best experience garnish with berries and serve in glass tumblers.

To make the drinking experience that much more exciting, you can create a Christmas minibar/drinking station. You can convert a storage unit or dresser by covering the entire interior with wallpapers. Guests can make use of the top of the dresser to prepare and or serve the drinks. However, display the spirits and wines available to make your guest feel welcome and at home.

Buffet Table

If your party revolves around having a relaxed Christmas party, you can use a dressed up console table to load plenty of foods for a buffet party. Add a table a vase of flowers and a runner to enhance the festivity feel.

You can also use balloons as part of the centrepiece to infuse a sense of festivity. However, to negate the possibility of your table looking tacky, you can use white balloons along with sparkling candles, bone china, and crystals drinkware. You can tie the balloons down using a ribbon held down by a decorative weight for a polished setting.

Finally, you can create an interesting and creative table setting by simply adding small sparkles to each place setting. As your guests enjoy dinner, they will also enjoy the sparkles that are cast by the crystal drinkware you use.