Choosing the right career path is a very difficult option. Many people consider a career in the trade as a good option as it offers them a stable salary, some nice incentives, and many other advantages. Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC are three options which are considered the best in the trade field. These jobs offer high security and all the above-discussed benefits. However, people are often confused between these three options. The primary difference between these three are:


The incomes in all these three trade jobs are almost comparable. However, the electricians are mostly paid the most by the difference of a few hundred dollars whereas plumbers are paid the second most. HVAC are paid the least by a significant margin of about a few thousand dollars.

Job Growth:

In a time where the job growth is one of the most important aspects for a person, the average job growths of a person in other jobs are expected to be around 7%. However, in the electrician and HVAC, the expected job growth is about 14% whereas in plumbing it is 12%. Also, the field of HVAC is observing a shortage of qualified person. There are also a lot of people retiring from the electricians and plumbing profession. Therefore, the job growth and opportunities are in an excessive quantity in these three trade options.

Course Work:

The coursework of all these three trades is not very long however they need optimum dedication to get expertise in. The coursework of these are very lengthy and to practice these three trades a person needs to get certified. The course lengths of these courses are fairly similar also. Plumbing and electrician are of fairly similar length and it takes approximately forty weeks for the completion of these two courses. In HVAC it is a little tricky as a person needs to know the basics of both plumbing and electricity. Therefore the coursework of HVAC is a little longer than these two courses but even this can be completed within a year.

Training in the Field:

These two jobs need a lot of practice on the job because these require very finite and minute work. The plumbing and electricity again stand at the same pillar here because both of these need almost 8,000 hours on the experience of on the field training whereas HVAC being a combination of both these two need a little more experience than the above work. The HVAC needs almost 10,000 hours of work.

 Employer and Job Setting:

As electricians are needed everywhere their job settings vary in a large manner. They are employed by big corporations as well as personal homeowners. They are needed everywhere, whereas the HVAC employers are mostly self-employed and are needed mostly in repair and installations shops. Plumbers mostly are needed by personal homeowners.

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