With many livings in smaller spaces, we need to spend more time finding storage solutions to fit our home whilst still providing a modern look.

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  • Fitted units

Put your alcoves to work by installing fitted shelving to functionalise wasted space. Although more expensive, purpose-built units upgrade space from dark gap to functional storage.

  • Pull out shelves

Take advantage of spaces such as the gap between fridge and wall to install pull out shelves; perfect for smaller items such as spices. Alternatively, fit thin shelves in the bedroom for a quirky display for makeup.

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  • Built-in

Make a change from display shelving and choose furniture with double functions. Chests of drawers could be a bedside table, and many beds have integrated storage. Think outside the box for subtle and practical storage solutions.

  • Minimise waste

Small cupboards are often used as a dumping ground for stuff you don’t need so end up cluttered and misused. Install shelving or hanging solutions to make this ‘room’ organised and usable.

  • Use the back

Integrating storage on the backs of doors or cupboards can double the available space. When looking for ideas for shelving Ireland has loads to offer.

  • Multi-purpose and free standing

As our lives change, so do our storage requirements. Find shelves which can be flexible. For free standing shelving Ireland suggests wheels for easy relocation. A simple frame is also great for matching any room.

  • Mix materials

Create a modern feel with multiple materials such as a metal frame with wooden shelves like those available in shelving Ireland. Ensure you consider the weight and strength you’ll need.

  • Break up space

Get a see-through shelf to break up an open planned room without interrupting the flow. Box units without backs are great for this. If separating the kitchen, you could consider putting in casserole dishes or wine glasses to maintain functionality.

  • Trunks and chests

Retro is modern. Use old styled chests and trunks to bring in a taste of years gone by. These not only look great but could double up as seating if you need.

  • Double up

One shelf not quite big enough? Consider two matching shelving units positioned next to each other. Create a symmetrical look by matching the objects or use different heights to draw the eye.