There are many people in the world who feel that recycling is a waste of time. These people feel that all the hard work people put into cleaning their peanut butter jars, taking labels off tins, sitting their coloured bins outside every Thursday is not worth the benefit it has for the environment. These people have probably read the stats that say that the vast majority of pollution, which recycling is supposed to offset, is caused by the emissions from cars and airplanes. They may also have read the stats that say your recycling will only offset less than 1% of the problem, making it virtually useless. Here are some ideas which these people should bear in mind before they start throwing all their recycling bins in the regular bin.

  •         Every Little Helps

The key word in the paragraph above is ‘virtually’, because ‘virtually’ means that there is a small benefit to be had in recycling. Every single jar you recycle is one less blob of silica which doesn’t need to be manufacture in a factory spewing out fumes, and it is one less bit of fuel a plane needs to expel carrying your jar around the world. Organising your melbourne rubbish removal can be a great way to do your bit for recycling. Every small bit of recycling has a knock on effect for manufacturing and transportation of new goods.

  •         Percentages

That fact is that if everyone in the world recycled everything they could then the small percentage would be a much larger percentage, and then, when airplanes eventually run on more ecological fuels that small recycling percentage could become the major percentage.

  •         Legacy

By making recycling a global habit, we set up our world to be more efficient, cleaner and less destructive for our children to enjoy in the future. The act of recycling can be hard for some people to undertake because they fail to see the wider implications for society, both now and in the future. We have not found another plant to move to yet for when we destroy our own, so in the meantime we need to look after it any way we can, even if this means putting our newspaper in separate boxes. By organising ecologically sound house and furniture clearance and by pushing your work to undertake a proper office clearance that leads to effective recycling, you can make a big difference.

Never let anyone tell you again that recycling doesn’t have a point. Just think about how the percentages, the future and how your one bit of recycling can have a big knock on effect.