Good and wonderful features are now present in the Aquabot Turbo T2 Robotic Pool Cleaner which is designed to give you the very best result when it comes to cleaning your pool. The cleaning process is done efficiently to all surfaces regardless of their shape and sizes or the texture that may be involved. It is more advantageous in that it requires less maintenance and can serve you for long without incurring maintenance costs.

It is made of high-quality plastics, which are very strong and this helps to improve the durability of the cleaning equipment. The design of the brush is of high quality and is modified to adapt to various textures and surfaces without any damage. It is firm enough in that no blisters are left after the cleaning process is done. They can last long, and this helps to save on expenses involved in buying new cleaning brushes.

Cleaning your swimming pool will not take you long because the brushes work at very high speeds and efficiency of the machines is great. It uses a cleaning technology called washing jets and this helps to remove all the bacteria and dirt, which might be hidden deep within the pool. The jets release water at very high speeds, and this creates pressure, which pushes out the deeply lodged dirt. The use of this cleaning equipment is easy, and your will always feel comfortable when using it. The use of highly sensitive buttons helps to control the machine, and this is the backbone of this device. The operation of the Aquabot Turbo T2 pool cleaner is automated and eliminates a lot of manual operations, which might be tiresome. The washing jets are powerful, and this is enabled by using the special tubing, which tries to alter the flow of water through them thus increasing pressure.

Water passing through the tubing is subjected to a narrow passage which tries to hinder the flow. This produces a high pressure jet that facilitates the cleaning process. The nozzles near the brushes are narrow, and this helps to create a sprinkler system which is responsible for cleaning. The operational system of this equipment is similar to what a robot can do. Because of the advanced technology used, you can have the cleaning done as many times as you want without complains of tiredness or break ups of the machine.

The manufacturers have put in place well-outlined procedures in form of a manual which will greatly help you to run the equipment without any difficulties, and this is meant to make it easy for the beginners. It is good to take care not to store the equipment while wet to avoid rusting and tearing. Oiling of metallic parts before long storage is advisable. There is a cover that is water-resistant that is usually placed over the device after work and during storage. This helps to keep off dust and moisture, which may end up blocking the nozzles hence affecting the quality of brushes.