Many people are struggling to find シンガポール 就職 in these economically challenging times. The unemployment rate has gone up as a result of lay-offs and down-sizing for people of all ages and education levels. If you’re 50 or over, the game gets even harder. Even as a professional, if you fall into that age bracket, you’re likely to find it tougher to get a job than someone who is 40 and under, especially in your chosen field.

Take a friend of mine, for example. He worked for many years as an Electrical Engineer for a major corporation, but when the company downsized a few years ago, he lost him a job and hasn’t been able to find full-time employment since. Why? Here are a few common reasons:

1) There are only so many jobs out there for Electrical Engineers right now.

2) Companies that are hiring are looking for younger and can シンガポール 転職, more recently graduated applicants to start at entry-level salaries.

3) Companies that are willing to hire someone at 50+ are offering salaries well below what they were previously making for positions that are below the level they are capable of working, in spite of the wealth of knowledge and experience they would bring to the job.

Also, older employees tend to be heavier users of the company benefits system, generally making more claims for prescription drugs and vision care than their younger counterparts, You can get more information about シンガポール 転職 here.

If you are among the 50+ and have lost your job, you know of what I speak. If you’ve been fortunate, planned well, and can manage an early retirement, great! However, if not, then you’re facing a real challenge.

Before we go all gloom and doom, the number of unemployed “Boomers” is growing, but so are the resources to help them. There are government re-education programs which offer financial assistance. There are loads of employment agencies that cater to the over 50 crowds along with articles full of advice for resume writing, interviews, and job searching. Then there are the many employment websites like JobBoom and JobMart with various services to offer, including job posting and alerts.

The other option, which is growing in popularity, is the one I chose; self-employment. I was tired of working for someone else. The hours were long, the pay less than optimal and I had so little time for my pursuits. By the time the office closed, and I took care of any unfinished business, got to my car and drove across town in rush hour traffic, it was late, and I was beaten. So when I found myself out of a job I thought, ” Here’s my opportunity. I’ll never work for someone else again!” and started looking at self-employment options.

It took a while, but I finally got into internet marketing, and I’ve never looked back. It was kind of like going back to school in the sense that there was so much to learn. I felt out of my depth at first until I discovered a great Affiliate Marketing Program that gave me all the training I needed to get going. Once I got started on this path, I seemed to find more tips and techniques and information all over the place! Articles, forums, blogs, etc. Moreover, the more I learned and understood, the more information I discovered and the more productive I became.

I’m over 50. I don’t have a huge retirement fund. I don’t have a “job” in the usual sense. Am I worried? Not a chance. I now have the freedom to make my hours. I continue to learn every day. I love what I do, and while building a residual income that I can access way down the road, I make more now than I ever did working for someone else. While this “career path” may not be for everyone, it works for me and a growing number of other people.

If you are over 50 and looking for a change, a job or a new career, I wish you all the success in the world! Also, for those of you who choose internet marketing, welcome to the club!