A Good Stranger

Her name is Leizel, we met each other in our flight going to Philippines, We are seatmates. She is from Bacolod City and she understand and speak Visayans so well, actually we have different dialect her dialect called ilongo and mine is Visayan and I can’t understand and speak their dialect unfortunately. I notice her because she looks so confused on how to unlock the seat belt after the plane take off, so I help here to unlock it she smiled and start to talk, at first I find her talkative I just smiled to her and look forward even I can only see the seat that is ahead of me. I am not that friendly specially if it is a first encounter, she had my attention when she told me that she work as a domestic helper in Kuwait and she ask me if I also work in Kuwait, I started to listen to her and she point me those other women in our same flight that they are also domestic helpers who ended their contract and most are deported she is not one of the deported just to make it clear, she ends her contract because she can’t take how her employer treated them. But she said that she is still lucky even if her employer are strict and always makes them do the chores even if it’s not necessary at least her employer did not hurt them physically, her employer give them food and the necessities that they needed even though they wake up early and sleep late they are still happy. she is a very happy girl, she is so thin but looks so lively, she is friendly and keeps on smiling even if she is nervous. I can see the excitement in her eyes when we arrived in manila. When we separate our ways we add each in Facebook so that we can still communicate and tell whats happenings in our lives. We message each other in messenger once a while and we like each others post in Facebook.

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