Since i am jobless because i didn’t tried hard to find work here in General Santos City, My plan is to work in Cagayan de Oro City I just wait for a right timing. Anyways, I am now babysitting my nephew Xander, He just woke up from his nap in this picture, I haven’t experience baby sitting, When this kid was born I was working in Kuwait even his older Brother Isaac so, I only saw them in pictures and sometimes in video chat. It feels so good and exciting, His brother go to kinder school already that is why i babysit this Cuteness overload Xander. He is so adorable, he loves to dance and play, He loves watching Hi5 and he talks to me as if i understand him but i don’t. The cute thing about this kid is he keeps pointing something which i don’t have any idea what it is and me on the other hand keep on guessing it. I really find it funny and cute. I learn things in Babysitting Xander which someday can help me if i will hopefully have my own kid. I now know how to change a diaper (But not with the poop thing). I know how to making up baby bottle. Amazing right! I feel so proud of myself. But sometimes the playing that involves running and climbing in the chairs drained my energy though i find myself enjoying it specially if he laughs so hard but it really makes me tired. I had so much fun Babysitting this kid.

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