Amazing Animals — Sphinxes — Features of Care and Life with Them

Sphinxes are marvelous animals, perfection itself. Sociable, affectionate, friendly, loyal, they win the hearts of numerous people. They get along wonderfully with the elderly, love children, are not aggressive towards other inhabitants of the territory where they live. You cannot find more faithful than a cat of the Sphynx breed. Who decided for himself that he wants to have a cat or a Sphynx cat, it is better to buy in a cattery in which you are sure.

The cattery "HAIRLESS GALAXY" is a place where every cat is special — here everyone can get a real friend for themselves.

Features of the breed and character

The most striking feature that the Sphynx has is a hairless body, tail, toes, and increased body temperature. When you buy it the first time and pick it up, you understand how it is so pleasant to the touch.

Sphinxes communicate with their master and are very loyal to him. They are affectionate, and they will never miss the opportunity to climb to the owner's hand. Their skin is always velvety and hot to the touch. Not only little kittens love to play, but also adult cats.

The behavior of Sphynxes is similar to that of a dog. As you throw a ball, and they can drag it back to you. It is how these adorable cats play. Moreover, they have a highly developed intellect and are easy to train.

Care features

Caring for the Sphynx is the same as for other animals, despite their defenseless appearance. Due to the lack of a fur coat, drafts and slight cold are dangerous for them. Even at home, when it's cool, they are dressed in all sorts of plush suits, and they calmly allow clothes to be put on.

Sphinxes don't like being alone. The kitten should not be left alone for a long time, and it will be bored and sad. Sphinxes are curious creatures by nature. It is also worth adhering to specific care rules:

  • Due to their lack of eyelashes, their eyes are poorly protected. The owner must wipe their eyes.
  • Dark secretions collect in the ears of animals. It is recommended to clean the ears with a damp swab.
  • The sphinx should be bathed twice a week, but not more often. For this, you can go for means used to clean children and then wipe them off with a soft towel. Hypothermia of the animal should not be allowed.
  • To prevent the pet from accidentally scratching itself, to avoid injury, it is necessary to trim the claws by 3-4 mm carefully.
  • Cats usually want to sleep under the same blanket as their owner. Therefore, cat experts recommend not to drive them away. It is always cold for them to sleep alone.

In a professional cattery, work with the breed is carried out according to international standards. All kittens offered for sale are always healthy, have a low risk of hereditary pathologies. You can be sure that growing up, the kitten will become a graceful, harmoniously built cat, as befits a Sphynx.