Quick Tips For Choosing The Right Outfit

Whatever social event you happen to be going to, choosing the right outfit is going to be part of the experience. This means hours of clawing through your cupboard, digging through mountains of garments, and generally landing up exhausted. Right? Not at all.

Before you start to panic, or rush out to buy something entirely new, take a look at a few basic guidelines to help you on your way. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll always have a smart system to help make better fashion decisions.

Check The Weather

Did you forget that clothing was supposed to be about protecting your body from the elements? By checking the weather forecast you will instantly get a better idea of what your outfit should include. This small, but essential step will put you on the right track, eliminate a host of choices, and set the stage for better decission making.

Since you know what is and isn’t a good idea based on the weather, you can now move on to the next phase.

Comfort Over Dazzle

Regardless of the event, there is nothing worse than being stuck with something that just isn’t comfortable. Sure, you might think that you look good, but is that worth the constant annoyance of having to keep adjusting an ill-fitting item?

Yes, ensuring that you’re actually comfortable should take priority over everything else. There is a fine line between looking good, and just wanting to go home because you can’t bear another moment of an irritating pair of shoes.

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Consider The Venue

Of course, considering the venue, and the occasion, is also important. But be certain to avoid the biggest mistake of all; the risk of overdressing. Smart casual is almost certainly the best choice, and will be great for just about anything. Except, of course, a pool party, in which case you clearly didn’t check the invitation.

In all other cases, smart/casual will likely be the best option. After all, most smart events will accept smart/casual, and most casual events will likewise also accept the exact same outfit. So by sticking to the middle road the outfit will generally be great.

Take An Emergency Coat

Lastly; it is always a wise decission to take an emergency coat. Yes, we already mentioned checking the weather, but it never hurts to have a coat handy anyway. Keep it close at hand, and be thankful that you brought it when the weather takes a turn, or you land up with a drink on your top.

Don’t forget that the coat should gel with your outfit, of course, and be a complimentary addition. Though the truth is that most likely won’t care even if you do land up in a giant, chunky, unflattering coat by the end of the evening, especially if it starts to get a bit nippy.