Protect electronics

I believed 2014 is not my year at all, because aside from having two operations all my gadgets and stuff are not functioning. I can’t use my cellphone because the sim slot won’t work anymore and just recently it won’t charge. Our old guitar is still need new strings and I still need to clean it to keep its condition. I can’t go to the mall to have my cellphone check and buy strings and cleaning materials for the guitar because I still need to recuperate from my last operation.

That is why I need a protect electronics idea so I won’t be worrying too much of my precious stuff when things get rough. If we love something, we need to protect it in order to continue using it for many years to come.


Sissy’s Make-up Galore


Stress on your work? Release it by beautifying yourself though applying make-ups. Aside from putting mascara to your eyelashes, why not do the eyeliner thing to highlight your beautiful eyes, a little blush on both checks then a red lipstick for finishing. Simple yet satisfying make-up work stress thing.


Its makes you feel beautiful

They said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, its true but reality bites that even if your beautiful in the inside or in the eyes of your family and friends we know that othere people who dont know you will surely look for the physical appearance, tony of beverly wigs I can use it to change my appearance and to make me feel beautiful, we all know that appearance is like the first empression that will last. Changing hairstyle is one also to change your appearance to suits your personality and sometimes its also ways to know what looks better on the shape of your face and body. So anything is possible in this world you can do anything and you can find ways and things to comfort yourself and be happy. Life is really beautiful.


A Family’s Treasure

Maybe some people buy something because of impulse or whim but in Truth, they don’t really need it that much so they just disregards and neglect it after realizing it. However, with a family who loves music or someone who grow up with a musician family, having a simple musical instrument is like a treasure to them especially if some of them make music as a career. It would be wonderful to belong in a family of musician’s but unfortunately, my family likes to watch and listen to music that plays with the instruments. But maybe, it is not too late for us to try if we got talent in playing music. We just need to find in our heart and discover to help us find musical instruments that fit our music, our style or we can try fender coronado reissue for easy choosing. Owning something that you know is very important is like taking caring of a family treasure so the next generation can still enjoy and use it.


Slothful Days

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When I open this blog and notice that it was weeks ago the last time I updated this blog. Well, I never really tried harder to update all the blogs that is in my care. I wanted to but the energy wasn’t there. I am thankful for the sister who send vitamins few days ago through her friend (no connection??), I just wanted to say thank you, hehehe. Anyways, back to being sloth like lately. My reason is the same as those who are (is) saying, “it is because of the weather” (if there are any, lol). The weather here is a bit cloudy and doing something like cleaning, cooking and writing are forceful and very slowwwww. I was planning to make a doghouse using a bamboo for my two dogs is still a plan because I am being lousy and tired of doing it. Need more energy and very effective inspiration to achieve what I must achieved in the coming days. (sign ;-/)