Camiguin Island, Philippines

Camiguin Island is one of the best destination spot in the country. If you visit Philippines for nature tripping and interact with mother nature of course, then you would want to visit Camiguin. This island province of the Philippines is located in the Bohol Sea, about ten kilometers off the northern coast of Misamis Oriental in Mindanao. It is considered the second-smallest province and it is a part of the Northern Mindanao region with Mambajao as the capital.

Main attractions and beautiful spot of Camiguin that you must see are Ardent Hot Spring which is situated 6 kilometers southwest of Mambajao. Katibawasan Falls is just very accessible from the Ardent Hot Springs. You will see amazing creation of mother nature and be mesmerized with it. There is also White Island, Old church, the famous cross at the middle of the island which you only see during low tide. Famous fruits in the islad of Camiguin is the tasty and juicy Lanzones. They celebrate Lanzones festival every october.


Mother Kitty Meow

This kitty seems so attached with her mother meow. She thinks sissy weng is her long lost mommy. And she is having a separation anxiety as well. Aren’t they the cutest momeow and kitty in town?


Yellow Bamboo


Hello my Fellow Mellow Yellow Monday participants! its quit a while since the last time we join this meme and the last time we update our blog, this would be our entry this monday ” Yellow Bamboo Tree” hope you will like this, i seldom see a bamboo that is yellow mostly its green just like their leaves…Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!!!


Hello world!

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Swing Set and CSN Stores Review

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