Blue Sky


Blue Sky, Blue Sky, please don’t be obscured
Your saphire beauty makes me assured
That whatever misfortunes fate has procured
I am against glumness and sadness inured

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, I confess I’m enamoured
You release me from those who have crowded and clamoured
You replenish the peace their noise has devoured
And nurture serentity where it once flowered

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, you have my devotion
Blue Sky the widest, deepest, most ephemeral ocean
You set my soul sailing on pacific emotion
Your glad tide sweeps away my most plaintive notion

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, when I gaze into you
I fall under the spell of your azure hue
Until everything old and familiar seems new
And I remember where awe and wonder once grew



So…here we go!

1. I wish____ God will hear my prayers.

2. Gift Giving_____…that’s what I’m thinking.

3. Please bring _____me a gift this Christmas.

4. Christmas Season_____ is so amazing.

5. One of my fondest hopes _____is to have a Blackberry Cellphone.

6.To my Family and Friends i love you all _____ and I just wanted to say thank you.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleep early_____, tomorrow my plans include hanging out with friends _____ and Sunday, I want to clean my room, wash cloths and church _____!

I would like to answer the OR.. But i am clueless…Huhuhuhu…


Safe Chatting

I am a facebook user. I used this site as one way of communicating my friends who lives in different place all over the world. And i enjoy the games that they have such as farmville and City of wonder. They also have this datebid where you can bid for a date online and used the amount to donate for a cause. FB or Facebook is really a big hit in networking a useful site and now they make this a movie which is the Social Network. The movie is about how facebook was being created. I would like to watch it but as of now it was not being shown in my country so i have to wait for it. online chat the one that i used most of the time. I communicate with my friend easily because all i have to do is to click my friends who are online. You can visit other friends or play games while chatting your friends, While uploading pictures, listening to music and viewing other profiles you can use the chat, whether with cam or not. Your preference. No offense meant to YM but this one is more fun. It has safe webcam chat environment. Meet other people and chat with them and enjoy and have fun.


Relaxing Getaway

I wanna be a Billionaire so freaking bad, Buying all the things i never had. I wanna be in the cover of Forbes Magazine standing next to Oprah and the Queen and every time i close my eyes. I see my name in shinning light A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
For when I’m a billionaire. Yes this is a song of Travie MCcoy. Just by listening in his song makes us dream of going to places and have our vacation specially this holiday season. Its nice to spend money with out worrying for tomorrows expenses. A Place that you and your family will enjoy. holiday villas

One of the example of a good destination that you can go this coming holiday. A getaway that your family will enjoy and you will mark to the calendar as one of the memorable experience and family bonding. Choosing a family getaway is exhausting it must be will planned and of course the money is important. Their will be no vacation if you don’t have the Money. As for me i guess i have to save money and yes it will take a hundred years to have a fabulous getaway or even a simple vacation. I just hope that someday I will become a Billionaire.




This was 5 years ago.. It was Christmas and four of us girls were present. We celebrated it in a simple way, little food on the table, fruits and drinks, taking pictures and enjoyed being together. This is one of the memorable Christmas. We had so much fun. :-) It feels like we haven’t added 5 years. Were still sexy and Beautiful. Heheheh Joke!!!