Sweety & Prince

Camera Critters

My Entry this Saturday CC meme is ofcourse my Adorable pets and member of our family Sweety and Prince. I actually disturb them while they are playing downstairs. I took them picture while they’re wrestling at each other but i deleted it because all i can see is the fur i want to show their faces so i force them to look at the camera.. hehehehe!! Its not a good capture though… :-(



Smile at the sky

It’s so pretty
It sets me free
When I’m sad
I go outside
When I’m happy
I go outside
A smile emerges on my face
So far and wide
Just like the sky
The smiling sky whom I smile back to
Smile at the sky

Are you happy?
You’re already outside and smiling
Are you sad?
Get your ass outside and show the sky a smile
Smile at the sky
Smile at the sky
And give him a grin or two
Remember he loves you too
Smile at the sky
Smile at the sky


Thank God Its Friday!!!

So…here we go!

1. When pigs fly Weee?? Pigs can’t Fly.

2. Does Pigs can fly??? seriously?!

3. Call me When you dine out and you want some friend to share your Food :-).

4. I will be there if you know what I mean.

5. The most entertaining person in my life is Is my puppy Prince2x.because I consider him member of the family and treat him like a human being.:-)

6. ???? who’s next?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to Read a Book , tomorrow my plans include Washing my cloths and Sunday, I want to Attend the Mass!


Week End Getaway…

My friends and I wants to have a vacation, we’ve been planing it for almost a year now. We kind of having a difficulty to achieve it because most of them are busy with they’re work, since i don’t have a job at this moment though i tried to find one, they give me the job of planing it, of were to spend it. They want the vacation at the end of December this year. I’m surfing the web to find the perfect place and i find so many destinations and locations one of it is the
weekend breaks
This is just one of the example of a good destination for the unforgettable Weekend vacation that i found the web. This is so frustrating and its not really easy, My friends are choosy, three of my friends wants to spend it in the beach and four of them wants to spend it in the province were they will go hiking and zip lining. I am now trying to find a place were all of them can have both destination. I still have a month to find it, I don’t want to wait another year for us to have this vacation. I want to fulfill this vacation because to of my friends is getting married. They will not have the time anymore.


Kawasan Cebu Memories (2005)


This picture was taken year 2005, I was still in my 2nd year in college and have my Vacation in Cebu, My sister Shiela is still single and teaching at Labangon Bliss Elementary School, My sister Louella is working in our Kuya Langga’s small company and our sister Princess jijie as my sister Shiela called her is having her vacation. (She really act as a Princess) Its jijie’s idea that we went to Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu since its Summer so we agreed to have sister bonding, After we enjoyed the falls and everything they argue about the money.. of who spend more!!! tsk3x. :-)