Bike for Juleanne


Its my niece birthday this coming November 13, She will turn Three years old. My sister Racheal buy her gift in advance. My sister make our niece Juleanne to choose her gift. And in her young age she likes the bike. She so cute and smart. Just look at that.. she likes Yellow and green with a touch of pink..So girly..:-)
Happy Mellow Yellow Monday People!!!!


Photo Albums

I love to take pictures, When i go places i always make sure that i have my camera with me so that i could capture those moments. And when i Developed all those pictures i make Scrapbooks and i buy album to put all those memories that i capture. Its nice that if there will be visitors or my friends i will just hand them all the album to accompany them while i prepared food. Its like showing them what I’ve been doing with my life and share it with them not just by words but by image.

I find this very interesting because from the word itself “Large Albums” Its customizing your album and the layouts that you can add text to it. They also give a wide options with free to use software. Aside from that they also offer Home decoration, Photo gift and Personalized Cards. For me. Its amazing, I’m a lover of pictures and sharing it with my friends and family, I know I’m not just the one who loves keeping pictures, Check this out and see for yourself what they can offer. Think that they are A better choice for picture printing needs.


Food for Thought.

Last night i was really craving for Ice cream but unfortunately i don’t have the money to buy because i have to save. I will use my money in things that is more important so, what i did is i just search it on, i search the most expensive ice cream in the world. and this is what i found.

“Grand Opulence” Sundae and was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Manhattan restaurant Serendipity 3. Serendipity 3 celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2004 and decided to create the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae as a publicity stunt. They were later recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having accomplished their goal – at $1,000 the most expensive item on their menu became the official recorder holder as the most expensive ice cream sundae in the world!

Just by looking it. i guess i will faint not because if the Taste but because of the price, its not even reach into 1 gallon just a cup for me… tsk3x…. Life is so unfair…:-)



Its nice to decorate houses, I always make a point to re-arrange our house every once a month so that every month it well be different ambiance, Cleaning must be every day if possible. Its a must to check every corner of the house so that you will know if their are areas that needs repairing. I like our neighbor’s house because its so neat, they also give me the suggestion that i should use a blinds so that its not just gonna cover my windows but to prevent those dust to come inside the house. And it will be easy for me to clean the house and windows. As my friend suggest it to me, i directly go to my laptop and search for online site about blinds Cheap wooden venetian blinds their so many site that i can choose from, but this one gives me the interest most. its cheap and made of woods, so its good because its natural and they have many lovely colors that i can choose and i can match to my flooring, The best thing is its not that expensive, Its affordable. If there will plans to buy blinds you can check this site out and see for yourself.


Look in the Sky.

It a bird, Its a plane… Oh! just nothing… We kinda feel like pointing…. :-)