Gorgeous Brothers

I am proud to say that I do have gorgeous Sister and Brothers. I am the youngest in the family but I am not spoiled. Sometimes I act like the older one and take responsiblities seriously. Anyhow, I want to share my two gorgeous brothers. The both have successful career.

My brother Julius “Yoyong” works as a seaman overseas. He is our bread winner as he support our family and sent us to college. My father was got paid from his job when I was in high school. So when my brother got a job, he paid most ofmy tuition fee. He is the best brother even. I love you yong.

My older brother Alex “Boloy” is the second from the youngest. Since we are next to each other we spent most of our times together when we were little. He was the one protecting me from any bully back when we were still young. He is one successful handsome stud with successful career. He is not living with us since college. He comes home once in a while and he is also supporting my parents needs now that he has good job as manager in one of the prestigious establishment in our country. I missed both of my brother and my sister. I love you also boloy. Take care.

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