Precious Moment

It was my Father’s first time able to held his own grand daughter and was there from the moment she was born. My father had 3 grand kids from our older half brother but they live in other place not close from where we are. You have to spend a 1000 Pesos judt to visit them and vice versa. This baby he was holding in this picture is my brother daughter. I felt bad that my brother and the mother of the baby haven’t decided yet if they get married and they broke up when she was born due to some family issues and misunderstanding. Anyway, my father love is grand daughter so much that he cried when the mother of the baby left our house and chose to live and rent a house away from us. She never let us see the baby except for the time when my brother is home from work. My brother works overseas and he comes home after 9 months contract from his work. So, when he is on the land he will go to the mother’s place and get the baby and bring to our house. Of course the baby can’t come without the mother. I have nothing against my sister in law but atleast she should not have deprived the baby from her grand parents love and care. We love my niece and we want whats best for her. We only get to see our niece everytime my brother is on the land. My father really long for a baby at home especially this little girl. It was the best moment for my father to be able to hold her own grand daughter and play with her. I just hope one day we get to spend lots and lots of time with my niece and pray that they will live back home so my father won’t get bored. My father is already old and we want him to enjoy his life and have more time with his grand kids.

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