Tagalog Pockebooks Collection

Two of my sisters hobby are collecting Tagalog Pocketbooks. My sissy Jijie, had tons of pocketbooks in her house back in Vegas that she sells. But since she was busy, she forgets about it. My other sissy Weng has millions of tagalog pocket books in our house. If she chose between her boyfriend and pocketbook she will choose the later. That is how obssessed she is with pocketbooks. One time my father yelled at her and she thought of running away she packed the pocketbooks first that her clothes. Both of my sister can survived the days with out eating as long as they have pocketbooks to read. Imagine that, aren’t they crazy? If there is a term for alcohlic, shopaholic, workaholic, right now I invented the term pocketbookyholic. LOL.

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