ABC’s of Love

Since it’s Hearts Day I would like to share this post which I got from my sister’s blog. I think lots of lovers will get interested with the “all about LOVE posting here… Happy Valentines you guys, Spend the Hearts Day wisely…wink:-).

ABC’s Of Love
A=ALWAYS being there for one eachother.
B=BEAUTIFUL words and feelings.
C=CRYING for love, happiness, not to lose eachother.
D=DAY DREAMING of eachother all the time.
E=EVERLASTING love is be our answer.
F=FOREVER is our future.
G=GENTLE touch, gentile words.
H=HOLDING someone as special as you.
I=INTIMATE feelings we have for eachother.
J=JOY is our happiness of being together.
K=KIND and loving is our emotions.
L=LOYAL we are to eachother.
M=MARRIED is how we want to be.
N=Our love is so NATURAL, so pure, so true.
O=Our love can OVERCOME anything.
P=PRINCESS that’s what I am to you.
Q=I sometimes QUESTION myself is this true or only a dream because its to good to be true.
R=We’re like ROMEO and juliet.
S=SWEETHEART that’s what you are to me.
T=We TRUST eachother in every way.
U=UNTIL I met you I was nothing.
V=I VALUE your presence each and every day.
W=WONDERFUL feelings we have for eachother.
X=X-TREAMLY in love.
Y=There is no love deeper than the love I feel for YOU.
Z=Nothing for Z but for you to ZEE (see) how much I really love you.

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