Fabulous Sissy

My equally beautiful and fabulous sisters who also quite successful with their chosen life and career just like my Gorgeous Bro. So, let me start with the older sissy sibling Sheila “Titing”. She is now married with Joe an american guy and moved there last 2007. After 30 years of being single she finally got hitched. She have two adorable babies which we hope to see and meet someday.

My ever Fabulous, feeling pretty sissy Rachael “Jijie”. Well, she is indeed pretty no question ask. Like my father used to say when Jijie was born “his mestiza daughter”. She was married to an American Man also but just recently decided to come home and stay here for a while. She always have beautiful life that, traveling, party, getaway, shopping and more are the things she love to do.

The prettiest sissy of us all Louella “Weng”. She is my bff when both my sissy went to the US. I hope soon she will get hitch as she is getting older already. She is a sweet sister, very responsible and sensitive.

There you go, you meet my siblings already. Hope you keep coming back in my pastime and read more updates about us. Have a good day!

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