I am Invited

I am the youngest in the family but with my situations right now seems like I am the eldest. My siblings moved out from our house when they graduated high school and got a job in the place where they spent their college days. I stayed at home with my parents and then just few years ago my other sister moved back home. I’m in my mid-twenties already and most of my friends are married now. My parents was wondering when me and my sister going to get married. When I got an invitation from my other friends wedding I don’t understand the electric feeling that went through my spine. All of a sudden I felt so alone and lonely because once she is married she can’t hang out with us that often. I am happy for her and her future husband though that’s why I help her look for a place to where they can order cheap invitations for their wedding. We actually checked online and we found a websites that offers discounts on wedding invitations as well as cheap party favors and others. You can get a cheap invitations and stylish too at their sites. I’m happy I able to help with her wedding preparations. I still have one older sister whom I look forward to get hitch someday. She will be turning thirties soon and definitely not getting any younger.

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