Collecting Stamps

When I was in high school I used to love writing letters to my friend and collect stamps as my hobby. Later on that hobby was gone because my friend had stop returning my letter. Now that both my sister are living miles away I started getting postcard from them. It makes me think to collects stamps or postcard again. The postcard mailing services in their place looks great no wonder she prefers to send post card than letter and besides letter is obsolete now since there is Internet which is very easy and convenient to use. My older sister love to travel and collects postcard from different places she visited. She gives it to some of her friends who never got the chance to travel outside the country. I also noticed that some of her postcard is customized with pictures of her in it. That was really neat postcard though; I thought you can only do that kind of stuff in a calendar or invitation. Internet is really great, it make things a lot better. You can customize your invitation, personalize your save the dates, and calendar too. There are nice tourist spot in our country and some of it is in the postcard this might a good start to exchange postcard and meet new friends. Anyway, I have to say good night for now. Happy Easter everyone!

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