Problem Ramblings

I have been very busy lately not for my work because I don’t have a work but for my farming and games in FB. It’s just so addicting that I forgot to look for job or my problems. Now, speaking of problem I just remembered all of them one is my family, second my career and third my love life. It’s been a while since my mao mao left the country and moved to Canada. We chatted everyday but still not enough. Talking about my job still jobless. In this economy It’s not easy to find a job no matter how high the education you accomplished. If the first world country is having problem with the economy how much more the third world country where i am at right now. I worried and pity my family especially my parents. They are both getting older and the older the get the sicker they become. If only I have magic to turn the world up side down and return to the time when every things was just so simple. Less sickness and less worries. Alright folks hope you have wonderful day and life despite of all the problems.

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