Election Day

Election day is very tiring for a first time voter like me, but it’s nice to know that your being responsible for chosing who you want to be the next person leading our country, and embracing a new kind of voting system, we still cant say that using advance way is helpful, because being a first time voter i cant help but observing my fellow voters about there openion and point of view obout the automated election the’re so many problems i notice..they say that having this kind of voting system will fasten, and advantageous to us, but as what i have seen earlier it is not an advantage to us because the process is so slow, and one of the machine got backdown and it is also in the news that it did not only happen here in our place but it also happens in other places such as luzon ang visayas.
so much for my complains about our election, the only thing that is on my mind right now is that im happy because im fulfilled that i already done my part in participating for this election. i am not hoping that the new Presedent will change our country to become better but i am praying that GOD will guide ang help our new leader to change our country to become better and that there will be positive developement and good progress.

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