Internet Connection

We apply for an internet connection recently, some company have a internet connection promo and we kind of like what the company agent told us that you dont have to pay for it right away,no installation fee,free phone set and DSL modem, since my sister left her laptop to us we decided to try it and we are eager to apply it right away so that the hassle of going to internet cafe ang everyday expenses paying for it, in short to save money, but apparently the internet company seems not that happy in giving their service to their client, we’ve wait for five days before they installs the telephone and the DSL modem but the internet and phone line not activated yet, and we wait for more than ten days for the connection, finally we are excited to try it, having an internet connection give us an advantage, we can communicate with our sisters and friends abroad, surfing the net anytime we want not worrying how much time we spend and we can save save money, but just yesterday we received the bill and it is a shock to us to see the bill amount, they charge us for the installation and all the stuff about internet connection and it not even due yet, we try to settle the matter with their office but they saying it not true about free installation and all, we argue and all but they keep insisting it and we keep texting and calling the agent who convinced us, just when you think that having promos like that can save you money and experience having freebies but instead you got huge amount money to pay for that internet bill. lesson learned, that not all promos and free stuff you read or heard is true, that before you apply for anything that you think its advantage to you, you have to make sure that its really true not just hoax.

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