Just for me

After my sister moved to my brother’s house in general santos it took me a great deal to try to find a job here in CDO, but still no luck for me, so i just take care of the thing here in the house, like cleaning, washing the clothes, paying the bills since i don’t have much to do, go to the veterinarian to give our dog a shot of vaccine. at first its kind a tiring and boring doing that stuff at home, I’m use to just set in front of a TV or going out with my friends its kind a new to me but since i don’t have a job yet and my parents are old but not that old old, might as will help them with the chores, but sometime i question my self why still don’t have job what is wrong with me??, I’ve been looking for a job for quit sometime now but all the company i’m applying wont hire me, i want to apply for PNP so that i could use my degree but i don’t have money for the necessary requirement needed and i have to go to Libona to get a waver for my height because i didn’t pass the height required by Napolcom,,it’s kind a disappointing you know, all my siblings are doing well, they have a husband who provide for them or a job that pays will. they had their life fix and all, but for me, i have to accept the fact that i dont have luck as them, i just think positive and make all the of it works..anyways i have prince our shitzue dog,(that my sister keep texting me to send prince in general santos as if i’ll do that,) to make us laugh with his chasing cockroach thing, i think time will come for me to find a place in the sun.

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