Meet Prince Charming

Hello meet the new member of the family PRINCE CHARMING, our little puppy is 2months old at this picture he is very cute and small he likes to cuddle, bites and sleep..he is a shih-tzu (shitzu) type of puppy, the first time we got him he’s tame and shy,,Our sister bought him from a friend of her’s but as the days past he became very stubborn and active,,he thinks he own the whole house thats why we love and adore him especially our parents, its like having a little brother to us and a grandchild to our parents beacuse our nephews ang nieces are not staying with us, he pee everywhere but he so adorable when he pee on the basahan or trapo(rug). but FYI he poop inside the bathroom but when the bathroom door are close he just poop under our study table no barking or wiggling he’s tail at us. He likes eating veggies and fruits like carrots, potatoe, beans, apple, mango,lansones,almost all kinds of fruits and sayote, he loved to chase our two cuddley rabbits toti and tofu which by the way he learned to eat carrots from them, hes an envious puppy. He is very hairy you connot almost notice his eyes thats why when you called him he just stand there and look at you like a meercat or an owl and then ignore you. The most attractive and funny thing about this puppy he likes to chase cockroches and ants afterwards he will murder them with his vicious paws and teeth and he likes to play with our other dog sweety which she treats prince like a baby and thats our little devilish but adoring little prince charming. ;-)

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