Be Careful With What You Use

First of all, I am glad I don’t have any acne in my face in that case i don’t have to use any beauty products like acne treatment. I put make ups in my face and a little pressed powder and that’s it. At the end of the night I have to make sure my face is clean as it may cause pimple if I leave my make on overnight. I have seen on TV about this commercial accutane, I thought it was just some kind of commercials or advertisements that sell acne treat. But I was wrong; Accutane is a strong acne treatment that may damage your health. Accutane has been linked to severe bowel problems, suicidal tendencies, and other painful illnesses in people who used the medication regularly. These are just some bad side effects in using such acne treatment. And because of this serious side effect that has been linked thus, accutane class action
required serious attention. Manufacturer had put strict warning labels on the medication and physicians tend to avoid prescribing Accutane unless they feel it is the only medications that will help a patient achieve the desired results. However, if you or your loved one suffers from severe side effects you should contact a professional attorney because you might be entitle for compensation. Next time when you use any products or acne treatment be aware of the side effects. Keep in mind that all prescription drugs have side effects that came with it.

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