For better or worst?

What should we do if we are newbies in blogging?? well! if you ask me i dont know, i’m still learning, and also asking the same question, most of the time i still ask for my sister’s help. what to write or where can i find the site. everything that links to blogging. i’m still consult with my sister hay! sometimes i think my sister got piss off of me when i live a message to her FB asking, where can i find the link, what should i do with this or where do i put this, can you check it, or always buzz her on YM, What can i do? i really don’t know some of the things about blogging, i assume that its easy to blog, you just have to write what’s on your mind or stuff about you but when i try to join some of the blogger’s contest, oh my! i know same of it but the hard part is the difficult, maybe i just don’t know how to read instructions, im lazy sometime when it comes to reading instruction and i once tried to look online but you have to pay first, but now im learning a little everytime i wrote and join a contest. Good for me!

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