Traumatic Experience

Life is a survival and we all know about that. When my sister left Cebu City and moved to the USA I had no choice but to go back to my family in Cagayan. My job back in Cebu City was an okay work but the compensation was not enough to support all my needs including apartment rental. I found a job when I came back to Cagayan De Oro City but after I finished the six months contract I was penniless. I had no money for almost a year and depending with my sisters and parents. Then, a friend of mine who works abroad invited me to come after her in Dubai. So, I asked help from my parents for the expenses like tourist visa, passport and other documents that needed to get there. Right now, my Mom has bad credit loans that they acquired when I went to Dubai. Moreover, it was January of 2008 when I flew to Dubai as tourist. I didn’t get a job right away so I had to extend my visa to stay in the country. Tow months after, I got a call from one of the companies that I applied. Then, after a month I received my first salary but not the full amount. As per requirement by the company, employee should have a cash bond remained in their possession just in case we don’t finish our contract. The next month they asked us to have medical examination. It was shocking news to me when i found out that I was positive with Hepatitis during the first medical examination I got. Then, I asked for second opinion and it came out positive but the doctor asked me to come back again. The third result was positive again and that was the final exam i got. I was devastated and couldn’t accept what happened to me. I wasn’t being careful in going to that place. I didn’t finish my contract because the company sent me home and they never gave back to me the cash bond from my two months salary. They paid for my plane ticket and that was it. My Mother didn’t have the money to pay off the loan she had when i went to Dubai. I owe big amount of money from my mother and I don’t know how to pay that amount since i can’t find a job with my health situation. That was a very traumatic experience for me. If only i could turn the clock back i would not go to the country. Now, I am depressed and owed money from my parents.

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