Vacation Trip Siargao

This is our vacation trip to siargao together with my boyfriend and his family and friends, just want to escape the traffic and pollution in the city and most of all to enjoy life’s bless, first stop del carmen then we rode a baroto(small boat)going to caob lagoon it’s a private place after that we also visit alegrea they have a white sand so we are exited to roam around the place and enjoy the scenery and the beach. we stay there for the night we rent a bahay kubo(nipa house)because there are no tricycle already. tricycle are the only transportation they have except if you own a car it’s advantage, you don’t have to go all the hassle. we wake up early the next morning because we’re going to GL(general Luna) they have a surfing area there, we don’t know how to surf and we don’t have surfing board also but it’s an adventure going there you experience and see what the surfing area looks like even if it’s not like in the US or the ones you saw in TV but it’s worth it even if we have difficult time going there because the tricycle we rent have flat tires so we have to wait for the driver to change it and the road are bumpy and the weather is bad but after all the hassle and misfortune you forget that your tired and hungry the moment you see the place. the forest the beach are to amazing.

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