Visiting the Park

Our pet prince having a good run in the park….

He’s checking at us., he found some grasshopper and if he thinks we are not looking at him , he will eat the poor grasshopper,,but this time he succeeded.. only the leg left to the poor insect..

He’s tasting the grass if its edible or not,, he always does that,even chicken poop, plastic cellophane, plants, anything that looks exciting to chew after tasting it,, he will eat the grass, maybe it taste nice to his tongue

This is prince and me having a good time outside, i took him to the park , coz his been very active inside the house always running around,, we don’t have enough space in our house for him to play so once i got the time , i always take him outside or my father will bring him to the beach,.

Resting at the side of the road, after eating all the insect and the grass at the park…looking for water,,,
He is a lousy dog, after having fun running and chasing birds in the park. he didn’t even look at our parents who is calling him, he just lying in the floor. ,

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