Wearing eye glasses

When my sister got back from Cebu I was shock to see her wearing eye glasses, I don’t remember her complaining about her eye sight and I tease her about her looks, she just smile and told me it was a great relief for her to wore eye glasses because she having sight problem since college days and didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but when she couldn’t read what was written on the sign board she knows that she really need to wear eye glasses. She was feeling embarrassed when her officemate or a friend ask her what was written on the signboards or whenever they dine-out to a fast food she can’t see clearly the menu because it was blurred, she just smile and pretend she didn’t hear them. And sometimes some of our relatives or friends think her a snob because she didn’t smile at them or acknowledge their greeting. Which wasn’t the case at all they never knew that she just couldn’t recognize them, so she went to an eye clinic to have her eyes checked and was found that MYOPIC and near sighted with astigmatism that cause blurred eye sight and the ophthalmologist said reading cause this condition, reading lying down and in dim places. She love reading and indeed there were times when she couldn’t put the book down in bed and sometimes she read till morning. I guess she wasn’t careful with her eyes then. so there was the consequence her new glasses and the world seem clearer and brighter to her. But soon I found out that wearing glasses was supposed to give the look of an intellectual instead it made you to looked liked a Manang (old lady).. Eye glasses are supposed to help vision impaired people to see clearly but these days people tend to called them geeks or nerds, woman like my sister who wear eye glasses are automatically judge as conservatives which is true. I advice her to just wear a contact lens so that she will feel comfortable and c and eye surgery is out because we can’t afford it. Now we’re looking forward to see her without the eye glasses..

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