What to do

It’s been a while now since my sister left and stayed in general santos city searching for a job, and it’s been quite fun and tiring adventure for her, being in a place only few people you knew and you don’t know the in and out of the city, but thank god she survived and happy with her decision, for almost a month roaming around the city finally one of the company she applied hired her and now she will start her training next week, but we received a call from a company she applied here in cagayan and she told me she really wanted to work with this company but that time they don’t have vacant position in any if their department they advice that they just submit their resume and will call if there is any vacant position available, now she confuse because that company called and asked her to came to their office for the exam and my brother wont allow her to came back here because their is no assurance that she will be hire but she really wanted to take that exam. hay! sometimes life is amazing, and surprising.. You realy have to be patient in life..just what i’ve read in a book im reading recently- Patience and perseverance are important if our lives are to be successful. The person who dosent learn patience will have a difficult time learning anything else.

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