Out with the OLD and In with the New….

Its been two weeks since i submitted my application from five different business establishment or company’s here in the Philippines, but i still haven’t receive any text messages or call for interview. and it really worries me and of course it frustrate me. i have to make a new resume and application letter and i will try again to find another job. from that frustration it makes me think that how can i build my dream house if i don’t have a job, since we have the freedom to dream i search for my dream house in the Internet from different websites and magazines. houses really fascinated me. its like your a princess and you wanted to have your own kingdom were you can feel fully fulfilled and contented, you can do whatever you want because its yours.rustic decor one of the idea that comes to my imaginative mind and dreamy senses, i find it very relaxing and fresh.its like you are meditating in your own home. how i wish that someday i can fulfill this dream house. but i have to comeback in the reality that I’m still trying to find a good paying job so that i save money for this dream. as of now i will make this dream as a inspiration.. i know it will take a decade to make this dream into reality. i believe that everything happens unexpectedly. all i have to do is to hope and pray and work hard to fulfill my dream and Goals.PEACE!!!

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