Budgeting your Finances

I have been starting with my new job, so i have to make sure i budget everything, from my everyday fare to my lunch money. Anyways, its been raining a lot lately so the first floor of our was was flooded, and i have to put taht fixing on my budget> i have been so stress with all this coming on my finances. So i went to my bank if i could get a loan. The offer wasn’t much but at least i could make our house repair before it get really worst. Applying for loan help me budget my finances, So now, i have a additional expenses for my budget. But the good thing is, since i had our house fix, now it doesn’t get flooded, thank god. So now, since i still have to make some payment, i have to get extra job, its isn’t bad, its just that, i have to spent more time working full time and part time. Its so hard when surprise expense it on the way, it will affect you finances and budgeting. Since i had that loan, i made sure i get everything in our house fix, so when the rainy seasons come, there will be to surprise expenses and ruin my financial plan.

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