Divine Mercy

I’ve been meaning to go to this place, it is called DEVINE MERCY. Thanks to my sister I able to visited it just recently. We went there and saw this huge statue of Jesus Christ. We lighted some candles and offered prayer for guidance and peace. It is a very conservative place, and they observed proper dress code which is right for sacred place like this. When we went there my sister just wore short as she didn’t any idea if it’s allowed. The person that takes care of the place handed her a skirt that will cover her legs. I don’t want top be rude but I laugh at how she looks with those skirt. She looked ugly with it and looks like a laundry girl hehehe or a woman who is abnormal.. joke..

This is when the in charge of the divine mercy give my sister a skirt because shorts are not allowed in the holy place…hard headed sibling..

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