Mobile Phones + the Computer = quick access

In this generation technology is fast approaching, people from different countries and races are using technology to access everything, and from all ages they are coping up just to reach out for the new way of living. the Cellphone and computer it is the most accessible creation, you can even take pictures and surf the web through it, it can upload and download music from the website, it can download picture to any social networking can give services just by using your mobile phones and the net, like what my friends do they connect their mobile phones to their computer, they can send messages using their computer and receives it in the mobile phone,Free SMS services from it is advantage to us here in my country because we are using prepaid Sim card, if we don’t have load we can still send and receive messages in a two way process, i saw this site when i surf the web and i find it very interesting it gives services to us mobile phone dependents, it can send SMS to the site, mobile and website, in India they are using this website and its quick and easy. and its one of the 50000 in the world. now a days we have to be practical and try things that are use full specially through communication because its important.

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