Remembering the OLD PLACE……:-)

last week we went to our old place at camp 14 bukidnon were we grow up in, the place where we enjoy our childhood. when we reach the entrance of the place we keep on reminiscing the past, we talk a lot of our memories, my sister jijie keep on talking and revealing bout their experiences, bout their first times as a child and teenagers, its been so many years that we come to visit. we live in this place until 1998, i am graduating in elementary, louella in high school, alex starting his high school, racheal in her college and juluis and shiela just finish college, for me i have only less memories and experience, for my sisters and brothers they have full experieces, my sisters reveals my sister shiela first crush named “butchoy” his our neighbor his brother “ingkit” is jijie first crush aswell, how thay fought when they were young, and how they sneak just to go to the disco in the social hall, they’re adventures to the other barangay or bario’s just to get fruits like green mango ang guava. were so excited and happy as we reach the campsite as the past flashback to us, when we are young we swim in the river and we play a lot here. we keep on laughing as we remember those days.

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