The games that kids and adult plays today is so different from before, now they most played those games that comes or created in the internet or by using computer which produces visual effect and more like your creating something that represent the player, its not like before that games is so simple and easy, now the games is addictive specially for kid and students, the games before is so simple yet it really sharpen your brains and memory, and even though you get addicted to the game your not wasting money. and student do not have to cut classes and lie to the parents just to play that type of computer games. backgammon is one of the old games the is being played, and now they do some studies by those computer scientist, they develop a software that will or can be capable to beat world class human player. backgammon sets one that gives me the interest, the truth is i don’t really know how to play board games, maybe i have to start to try to play this game. its very interesting because if i will try to play i have to use my brain for the strategy and the tactics of the game. you better try it if you feel what i feel, just click and you will be guided your not gonna regret it because it the oldest manufacturer of sports and games, it means it is good quality. i think it releases boredom you surely love it and it helps your brain to function well.

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