Bathing my Pet!

Last Sunday, i bath our dog prince while my sister is washing her cloths, prince stinks because my father took him for a walk, he was so dirty of dust and he has many tangled fur, i keep on Coming him but he still have tangled, we treat prince as our baby, specially my parents since they don’t have their grandchildren in the house, this prince2x of ours is like a baby too, every morning he knows that our father will wake up at 6am so he is there at the room waiting and he will got excited because he knows that they will take a walk, he can play to other dogs outside. and of course he can poop. so back to the bathing thing, he was so sleepy, i coated his fur of the soap and the instruction said that i will leave it for five minutes so i left him in the sink, he barks because he is scared, my sister find it cute so he took pictures of in the bathroom.

after the bath we gave him treats the CARROTS he loves it so much.. he bite it big time,, we can hear how it crunch in his mouth with those little teeth.. hehehe..

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