Business Card with Spiritual Design

When i was still working in the pizza restaurant we have this strategy to attract customer for our pizza delivery, we ask every guest for their business cards and then we will raffled it every week. for those business card that we pick will be given a small size pizza. its very effective. that is the first time of my life to saw business card it has different style, some of it are just plain type just name of the person and company, phone number and the position of that person. the spiritual business cards i wish this card was available that time so that i can suggest it to our marketing officer, his business card is kinda plain simple. now business cards are with styles and design, you can customize it according to your preference, and of-course its spiritual, the person receive it surely put it in they’re wallet or planner, they will not like throw it. and it can easily be ordered online and they have this 24hours delivery and if you don’t like customizing it you’ll just gonna choose their own design. you can put spiritual messages on it. maybe someday i can order it for myself.

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