Cockroach and Eww Prince!

I was playing my tiki resort in facebook when i heard and saw prince chasing this poor cockroach, he bite it if the roach runs to save his/her life, i didn’t mind it at first but i find it disgusting when prince lay in front of me with the rouch on his mouth, its gross!!! i took him and i drag the rouch but i got away and run, unfortunate of the rouch it bangs on the walk so the rouch lay to his back trying to move. prince those this when he saw insect it is really their nature, its so digusting, i kiss and let this prince2x lick my check and hand.. tsk3x… though he just played it but he bite it. yuck! eww.. i brush his teeth after, its cute he just bite the toothbrush and lick the toothpaste…:-) this dog is so funny…

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