eCards with Love.

I was cleaning the house when i saw this medium size box inside our old closet, i was curious so i open it and i saw cards and letters. i looked at it and i found out that it belongs to my sisters, my curiosity is urging me to read some of it my sisters are already married it will not be a big deal if i invade the box. i can say that my sisters are sentimental but since they are married i come to think that those is with no used i ask my mom if i will keep it, she said i should throw it. i come to think it served as memorabilia of them. Hanukkah cards its an online way of sending cards, they call it ecards, i think its nice because you can stored all the cards that you receive from your family, friends and loved ones and you can save it in your internet account, it will be kept forever. and you can reminisce any time you want. its also easy and convenient because if your not a good writer they can do it for you. and its cute because its with visual effect and with music as well. It cant be thrown away.

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