Im tired of being lazy.

I don’t have a job, so i am just staying in the house, i am so bored.. last week i submitted resume at the mall here in my place, they told me that they just gonna text or call me for interview, its been a week now and i haven’t receive any of the text or call. i don’t have money, i wanted to eat burger and fries, i cant ask money to my mother because she will gonna shout at me and telling me i should get a job. its so frustrating. i really did try so hard to have the job, but what can i do if they just gonna accept my application but didn’t call or text for interview. it so hard really to have job here. i apply for abroad but same thing, i have to wait for my employer for interview, i have to wait for the “Text or Call” but the agency told me that i have to wait for another week. :-(

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