Its Tatay’s 3rd Death Anniversary.

Today October 27, 2010 is the 3rd year that our tatay donicio passed away, me and mama visit the cemetery we prayed the rosary, while waiting for our relatives in the cemetery i come to think that i feel so sorry to tatay, i was not able to visit him in the hospital when he is admitted because i have work. and i never thought that he will pass after 3 days because our aunt mariz told us that tatay is doing fine, its inly a mild stroke, when me and my sister wiwing decided that we will volunteer to watch for him in the hospital we receive a text form aunt mariz that tatay just passed away. its feels like its just a dream its kinds shocking actually i can still remember it, i even wasn’t able to cry in the burial. though we are not that closed to our tatay because he is a little strict, but we are in there house if there are occasions. i feel so bad really that i did not do anything for tatay, i didn’t even give something to him. i ask forgiveness to him every time i looked in his picture. i can still remember his smile because of my sisters sense of humor and when he cries because all his children are there one Christmas and some of us his grandchildren. my nanay and aunt bebe still cried when they arrived in the cemetery and started the prayer for my tatay. if only i can turn back the time.. T_T

Tatay donisio (wearing the grey polo shirt) with my Father. this picture was taken year 2003 when my sister racheal introduced kelly to our clan.

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