My Sisters Frustration…:-)

When my sister jijie had her vacation here in Cagayan de Oro, she shops a lot.. specially cloths, the cloths here have nice design because the fashion style here now is being influence by the Korean fashion design so its kinda cute and cute.. hehee, so my sister loves it, there is this one time that she buy those blouses and she show it to my sister wiwing and my sister tryed it on then she feels like she is a model because i took her pictures, i just let her b.. and actually it really looks good on her.. i can say that my sisters are beautiful and of course sexy.. i am proud of them, i idolized them. hehehe.. heres some pics:

Its kinda blurred because i accidentally turn on the vibration.. hehehe.. she still loves it and she post it in her FB account…:-)

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