Dont Touch my Bird…….ey…..:-)

Camera Critters

Hello CC People… This is my entry for this weekend CC meme by Misty Dawn :-)
I would like to answer the question. But I don’t have anything that i can say or think of any suggestion to make this meme more better. For me its already more better.. hehehe Peace!!!

As i was sitting in our terrace because of boredom and a bit of being so dramatic because of the rain :-) i saw this bird drying her/himself. So i grab the camera and took a picture because i think of the CC meme. I was surprised because when i saw the picture i didn’t just took this little fella but there is another one below. Hehehehe… I cant give any information about this bird, I think its a “MAYA BIRD” its common here in the Philippines.

This is the second shot its more clear i guess. I dont have camera that is high in pixels and have that super zoom power.. So Pasensya na!!!

This is the first shot.. :-)

Happy Camera Critters Everyone… Thanks Miss Misty Dawn for Hosting this meme…I love it!!

Camera Critters

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