I found a Kitten…

I Found this kitten 2 days ago, she is roaming around outside our gate and crying for help, i didn’t mind it at first but i kinda pity the little kitten Maybe she was lost or i guess her owner throw her on the street and she tried to find her way home. I felt sad every time i saw animals that is being left by they’re owner in the street. At first i was hesitant to take the kitten because we already have many pets in the house, we have two rabbits(tufo and tottie)and two dogs(sweety and prince charming) our house is not huge and we have limited space, but my heart soften when i walk toward the kitten and the kitten is not scared of me. I took this little one inside the house and give her milk, she is so hungry. I told my parent that i will adopt the cat and i am thankful because they give me the permission though they told me that i will be responsible for it. I am now worried because my elder brother who hate animals will be coming home and for sure i will receive many nagging and word of wisdom. I name the new member of our family “SASSY”… She is just i think 12 inches long.. So fragile as my sister wing said.

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